Property and Casualty


Will it work for my State

You'll use my Class Series to explain and make sense of the written texts of any State Approved Course.

All state exams use the ISO, The Insurance Services Offices general policies to create the exam. This is what I teach off.

The bulk of every state exam is the same from one state to another. They all share the most common, most tested topics and all my class series are built around that.

There are state specifics you'll need to know, but those will come from the State Approved Courses like Xcel, Kaplan, Examfx, etc.

My class series complements those courses and I help you make sense of these, even the state law/insurance regulations chapter. I'll explain the department of Insurance, the role of the commissioner/director, unfair trade practices and what numbers are important to focus on, but you'll use your state approved course to get those numbers.

What do I need

The Life & Health Class Series complements any state approved course.

Most states require the completion of a state approved course to take the Insurance Exam (some do not). Either way, I recommend a course to get state specifics, quizzes, and practice exams.  

While there are many providers out there, I have partnered with Xcel because their practice exams are closer to the actual state exams.

When you purchase an Xcel course using coupon code 'QUEEN', you will receive $9 off AND, as a bonus, you will get enrolled into the Insurance Exam Queens Gold Class Series (Value $97) absolutely free. You must purchase Xcel FIRST with the Coupon Code 'QUEEN' at the checkout in order for me to track your purchase.

Which Class Series should I get

All of GOLD but with a personal study coach, a teacher on demand. Bonuses: Telegram group, Live Classes and 'Introdution to Insurance Sales Course'. Learn more

I need to be taught everything (or, nothing is sticking, it's not making sense the way I'm currently learning the material) or I am scoring 40% to 69% on my exams. GOLD includes SILVER (saving $57). Learn more

I understand a lot, but a few things are still fuzzy so I need a more in-depth review or I am 62% to 69% on my exams. Learn more

Where do I start

Put the State Approved Course to one side - you don't need to look at that yet.

Once you are enrolled in the Insurance Exam Queen Class Series you have 100 days access and this is where you start your learning!  My style of teaching will help you understand the materials easily and quickly. Work your way through all the lessons, notes and practices.

After watching all my content, you will find that you can breeze through Xcel, or any exam prep course, so much easier.

Support is available in my Facebook Group, or if you need more support later on, you can upgrade to Platinum to chat directly with Melissa as you study. Live Classes and 1-to-1 Tutoring is also available!