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Course Overview

The PLATINUM BUNDLE  provides you with the ONLY WAY to work directly with, and get personal support from Melissa, the Insurance Exam Queen. 

Platinum members get added to a Telegram group where you can ask questions and Melissa will respond back with text or audio messages and guide you to what’s important. When you first join Platinum, Melissa will tell you what to do for your studies based on your unique situation.

In addition, Platinum  includes Practice Exams & Quizzes (Value $49).

The Bundle includes everything LIFE & HEALTH

GOLD: All-exclusive overview of the most tested topics on the LIFE & HEALTH INSURANCE EXAMS. Signing up will give you 100 days access to 34 hours of my valuable curriculum, helping you through the maze of terms and definitions, giving you clarity and leaving you confident to take the exam.

BONUS: SILVER and BRONZE  condensed reviews and recaps of the most tested topics of the Life and Health Exams.
BONUS: Introduction to SALES with Mary (2hrs, Value $27)

PLATINUM is for people who need or want direct support from the Queen herself without having to book time for tutoring. If you want a personal study coach, teacher on demand, that is what Platinum is all about.


How to use my course

Follow these guidelines and you will have the best chance to pass first time (or next time, if you have just found me).

What you need

My Life & Health Series complements a state approved course. If you already have one, you'll use my class Series to explain their written text. If you need one, I recommend an XCEL* Course.
Then put the State Approved Course to one side, you don't need to look at that yet.

* Use COUPON CODE "QUEEN" to get a $9 discount. If you buy an XCEL course, I'll enroll you in my 'GOLD' Course' absolutely FREE (value $97).

Where to start

Once enrolled in the Insurance Exam Queen PLATINUM Courses and all Bonuses, you have 100 days access and
  this is where you start the learning!  
My Gold Class will help you understand the material easily and quickly. Work your way through all the lessons, notes and practice exams.
See below what is inside!

What's next

After watching all my content, you can breeze through XCEL (or any exam prep course) much easier.
Support is available in the Telegram group and my Facebook Group. Live Classes are also included in PLATINUM!

What's Inside

GOLD  (Value $3999) + Talk'n Text (priceless)

Life and Health
mutual content: 5 hours 40mins

General Insurance for Life and Health (some states test on this)

Completing the Application (Life) / Field Underwriting (Health)

State Law/Insurance Regulations for Life and Health (also in Silver)

10 hours Content

Life Basics (some states test on this)

Life Provisions, Riders, Options and Exclusions (HIGHLY tested in all states)

Create an All Types of Life Policies Study Chart 

Joint Life Insurance Vs Survivorship Life Insurance 

Business Life Insurance Key Person and Buy Sell

Term Life vs Whole Life Insurance 

Term Life Insurance 

Whole Life Insurance, Loans and Nonforfeiture Options 

Universal Life Insurance 

Variable Life Insurance


Tax Deferred vs Tax Deductible 

Qualified Plans 

Traditional IRA vs Roth IRA 

Tax Treatment of Life Insurance 

MEC's and 7 Pay Test 

12 hours of Content

Health Basics (some states test on this)

Health Provisions (HIGHLY tested in all states)

Health Vocab: Fee for Service vs PrePaid 

Health Vocab: Benefit Schedule vs URC

Health Basics: Perils Accident vs Sickness

Private Vs Government Insurance

Health Basics: Types of Losses

Types of Limited Policies

AD&D Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Basic Medical vs Major Medical 

Major Medical Plans HMO vs PPO

Major Medical Plans HMO's

Major Medical Plans PPO's

Cost Sharing: Copay, Deductible, Coinsurance, Stop Loss

Cost Sharing: Deductible and Coinsurance Math


Health Insurance: Individual, Group & Franchise

Group Insurance 

Coordination of Benefits on Group Plans

COBRA Insurance: Group Continuation

Contributory vs Non Contributory

Disability Policies, Taxes, Math Example & Notes

Tax Deferred vs Tax Deductible

Long Term Care: Intro, Levels of Care, Optional Benefits, Unintentional Lapse and Exclusions

Social Insurance Medicare vs Medicaid

Medicare Eligibility and Enrollment Periods

Parts of Medicare 

Medicare vs Medicare Supplement 

Life & Health
QUIZ Pack (Value $27)

The Royal Treatment Life & Health
Access for 100 DAYS

⭐️  Life & Health General Insurance
⭐️  Field Underwriting Procedures
⭐️  Life Insurance Basics
⭐️  Insurance Regulations
⭐️  Life Insurance Policies
⭐️  Life Provisions, Options & Riders
⭐️  Tax Considerations
⭐️  Qualified Plans
⭐️  Types of Health Insurance Policies
⭐️  Health Policy Provisions
⭐️  Social Insurance
⭐️  Other Insurance Concepts for Life & Health

Life & Health
EXAM Pack (Value $27)

The Royal Treatment Life & Health 
EXAM Practice Pack
Access for 100 DAYS

⭐️  Health - Practice Exam ONE
⭐️  Health - Practice Exam TWO
⭐️  Life - Practice Exam ONE
⭐️  Life - Practice Exam TWO
⭐️  Life & Health - Final Exam A
⭐️  Life & Health - Final Exam B
⭐️  Life & Health - Final Exam C

SILVER BONUS (Value $2499)

Life and Health
Lesson Content: 12 hours

Life Insurance Recap (4hr class)

Life: Term Vs Whole, Annuities, Provisions, Settlement Options, Non-Forfeiture and Riders Lesson

Field Underwriting

Health Insurance Recap (4hr class)

Health: Provisions, Disability, HMO and PPO Lesson

Long Term Care Review

Medicare Review

BRONZE BONUS (Value $1999)

Life and Health
Lesson Content: 15 hours

Life and Health Basics / Completing the Application / Field Underwriting

Types of Life Policies and Annuities



Types of Health Policies Medical Plans

Types of Health Disability and Long Term Care

Medicare for the HEALTH Exam

Class 6 Recording of State Law / Insurance Regulations


L&H Practice Quizzes and Exams - 100 Days Access

 Questions and Explanations and Practice Exams: Life and Health (Value $49)

Insurance Sales with Mary, the Insurance Sales Queen

Introduction to how to talk to customers and secure the sale (2 hours) - Lifetime Access (Value $27)

Your Investement

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LIFE & HEALTH GOLD VALUE $3999 + Exams & Quizzes $54 + Live Classes $715 +Bonuses worth $4498 + Talk'n Text (priceless!)


(increasing to $597 from May, 3rd)