I'm Melissa Dillon, the Insurance Exam Queen 👑
Whether you found me via my YouTube Channel or through my Facebook Group you are here because you either need
help with passing your insurance exams to become a licensed agent.
• you’re tired of failed attempts or spending money on retakes.
• or you are starting at the beginning & have decided to get some clarity on the minefield that is the world of insurance exams.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: My courses are designed to COMPLEMENT your state approved PRE-LICENSING Course NOT REPLACE them.

(If you have yet to purchase a pre-licensing course)

I recommend an XCEL Pre-Licensing Course (English / Spanish).  Use SPECIAL COUPON CODE "QUEEN" to get a $9 discount + I'll give you one of my 'GOLD Royal Treatment Courses' absolutely FREE (value $97)
after 48 hours of your purchase.

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If you feel like your insurance school is failing you - you are most likely right.
Don’t waste your time!
Buy a course from Melissa!

It helped me pass after failing 3 times. I was about to quit trying, but then I stumbled upon Insurance Exam Queen and boom! So informative! So well done!
Highly recommended!

Anastasija Oskina