The Royal Treatment BRONZE LIFE & HEALTH Series - 100 Days Access

Review of the most important and highly tested topics of the Life and/or Health Exam

Course Overview

This course provides you with a quick and basic review of all the most tested topics on the LIFE & HEALTH INSURANCE exams across all states. Signing up will give you 100 days access to 15 hours of my recap lessons (value $1999), giving you clarity and leaving you confident to take the exam. LIFE & HEALTH are often taken together so it made sense to bundle it.

BRONZE is great for a basic understanding on all the major topics and is ideal for someone who feels they understand most of their pre-licensing course but could use a bit more clarity and guidance to solidify their knowledge. Bronze is also great for people who are scoring about 66% to 69% in their exam.

If you go for Bronze, you can always upgrade to Silver or Gold within your 100 days of access for only paying the price difference.


How to use my course

Follow these guidelines and you will have the best chance to pass first time (or next time, if you have just found me).

What you need

BRONZE Life & Health Series complements a state approved course, if you already have one, you'll use my class Series to explain their written text. If you need one, I recommend an XCEL* Course.
Then put the State Approved Course to one side, you don't need to look at that yet.

*Use COUPON CODE "QUEEN" to get a $9 discount. If you buy any of the $199 XCEL courses using my code, I'll enroll you to 'GOLD' Course' absolutely FREE (value $97).

Where to start

Once enrolled in the Insurance Exam Queen BRONZE Course you have 100 days access.
  This is where you start the learning!  
My BRONZE class series will help recap the material easily and quickly. Work your way through all the lessons, notes and practices. See below what is inside!

What's next

After watching all my content, you can breeze through XCEL (or any exam prep course) much easier.
Support is available in my Facebook Group, or if you need more support later on, you can upgrade to Platinum to chat directly with Melissa as you study. Live Classes and One-On-One Tutoring is also available! 

What's Inside

BRONZE (Value $1999)

Life and Health
Lesson Content: 15 hours

Life and Health Basics / Completing the Application / Field Underwriting

Types of Life Policies and Annuities

Life Provisions - VERY IMPORTANT

Health Provisions - VERY IMPORTANT

Types of Health Policies Medical Plans

Types of Health Disability and Long Term Care

Medicare for the HEALTH Exam

Class 6 Recording of State Law / Insurance Regulations

Your Investement

Course Image

LIFE & HEALTH - The Royal Treatment BRONZE (Value $1999)