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P&C (Gold, Silver, Bronze) + Adjusters Masterclasses + Talk'N Text with Angela + P&C Quizzes & Exams

Course Overview

The PLATINUM BUNDLE  provides you with the ONLY WAY to work directly with, and get personal support from Angela, the Ultimate Study Buddy and our Adjusters Expert. 

Platinum members get added to a Telegram group where you can ask questions and Angela will respond back with text or audio messages and guide you to what’s important. When you first join Platinum, Angela will tell you what to do for your studies based on your unique situation.

In addition, Platinum has Bonuses in the total value of $5199: Exclusive 30 hours of P&C Listen and Learn Lessons, Practice Exams & Quizzes AND attend Live Classes* FREE (value $17 per class).


GOLD (value $5499): All-exclusive overview of the most tested topics on the PROPERTY & CASUALTY + ADJUSTERS INSURANCE EXAMS. Signing up will give you 100 days access to 40 hours of my valuable curriculum, helping you through the maze of terms and definitions, giving you clarity and leaving you confident to take the exam.

SILVER and BRONZE (value $2998), condensed reviews and recaps of the most tested topics of the Property and Casualty Exam.
INTRODUCTION to SALES with Mary 2hours (Value $29)

PLATINUM is for people who need or want direct support without having to book time for tutoring. If you want a personal study coach, teacher on demand, that is what Platinum is all about.

*Disclaimer for the Live Classes Add-on: 
Live Classes are currently a FREE Bonus, a 'Thank you' for purchasing the Gold bundle. NOTE: if you miss a booked live class for any reason (including tech errors on our behalf) you do not qualify for a refund as this is not part of your Gold purchase, but a free add-on.

*Personal Lines is Property and Casualty minus commercial.

What's Inside

GOLD (Value $5499)

Property and Casualty / Personal Lines
mutual content: 15 hours

General Insurance Terms and Related Concepts and Health (some states test on this)

Basics / Policy Provisions and Contract Law

Policy Structure for P&C Policies

Property + (Casualty: E and F on Homeowners): Dwelling and Homeowners Policies

Dwelling and Homeowners Additional Coverage

Boat Coverage on a Homeowners

Coinsurance Math

Commercial Farm Policies

Aircraft Policies

State Law and Insurance Regulations

Property and Casualty Practice Exams

100+ Questions over three practice exams on: Property & Casualty General, Dwelling, Home and Auto

10 hours Content

Policy Structure for Homeowners Policies

Mobile Home Policies

Trees on Dwelling and Homeowners

Flood and Casualty: Umbrella Policies

Commercial Policies: BOP, CPP, & Casualty: CGL, Workers Comp

Review of Commercial Policies

9 hours of Content

Casualty Basics

In-Depth Personal Auto Policies

Policy Structure for Personal Auto Policies

Personal Auto Policies Review

Split Limits on Part A for Personal Auto Policies

Personal Auto Insurance

Commercial: CGL-Occurrence vs Claims Made

Commercial Crime Policies

Special Liability Policies

Workers Compensation

Basics on Bonds

6 hours of Content

NOTE: The adjuster-specific topics systematically categorized for ease of reference. 

Adjusting General Insurance Terms

Responsibilities and Duties of Adjusters

Basic Adjusting

Steps to Claim Adjusting

Settlement Procedures

Adjusting Losses

Notes and PDF Downloads

Melissa’s Gold Package is what helped me retain the information needed for the P&C State Exam in FL. I had a hard time retaining information because of an illness that affected my memory. Before Melissa’s course, the material from the site I was studying, was very boring that I could not seem to learn much. With Melissa’s course, her personal experiences, her sharing stories made that boring text book study, interesting and enabled me to soak this information in. I cannot thank her enough. Melissa, thank you 😊❤️. Btw I scored an 82%.
I passed my Arkansas P&C exam on the first try yesterday! 🙌🏻 Huge thank you to Melissa and her gold package for helping make it possible! I took a required pre-licensing course and felt completely lost and overwhelmed afterwards - way too much info for this brain to retain 😩 It was a great course but it’s just soooo much info all at once. I started with watching Melissa’s YouTube videos and it slowly started to click. And it was helpful to only be focusing on the material that I actually needed to pass the exam. My practice test scores improved with the YouTube videos so I purchased the gold package to really tie it all together and make sure I grasped the different concepts - what a difference those videos made! I passed my first attempt at the final exam with an 81!!
Currently a home inspector trying to find a new industry due to the housing market in Florida (people aren't buying homes, so there's nothing to inspect). I went from knowing very little about insurance to passing the New York adjuster's exam using Melissa's Gold Package. Stop trying to memorize practice tests, it doesn't work and it wastes your time! Understand the concepts that Melissa presents and you're set. Melissa presents the material in such pleasant manner that it makes learning about this stuff simple.

SILVER BONUS (Value $1999)

Property and Casualty
Lesson Content: 15 hours

General Terms, PC Basics, Homeowners, Coinsurance and Pro Rata Math (5hr class)

Dwelling and Homeowners Policies

In-depth Dwelling, Homeowners and Flood Policies

Personal Auto Policies

Flood and Umbrella Policies

Commercial Policies: BOP, CPP, CGL, Workers Comp

State Law and Insurance Regulations

BRONZE BONUS (Value $999)

Property and Casualty / Personal Lines
Lesson Content: 8 hours

General Insurance Terms and Policy Provision and Contract Law

Dwelling, Homeowners and Flood

Personal Auto Policy

Quick Umbrella Review

Commercial Lines BOP, CPP, CGL, and Workers Compensation

State Law/Insurance Regulations


P&C Practice Quizzes and Exams - 100 Days Access

 Questions and Explanations: Property & Casualty General, Dwelling, Home and Auto (Value $49)

Insurance Sales with Mary, the Insurance Sales Queen

Introduction to how to talk to customers and secure the sale (2 hours) - Lifetime Access (Value $29)

Your Investement

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VALUE $5499 + 1:1 Support (priceless!) (+ Bonus Value $2998)