I have compiled the most asked questions in the FAQ below. If you can't find your question there, please get in via email. It is the quickest way to get answers to your questions or receive platform support is to email insuranceexamqueen@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All state exams use the ISO, The Insurance Services Offices general policies to create the exam. This is what I teach off. The bulk of every state exam is the same from one state to another.

They all share the most common, most tested topics and all my class series are built around that. There are state specifics you'll need to know, but those will come from the State Approved Courses like Xcel, Kaplan, Examfx, etc.

My class series complements those courses and I make them make sense, even the state law/insurance regulations chapter. I'll explain the department of Insurance, the role of the commissioner/director, unfair trade practices and what numbers are important to focus on, but you'll use your state approved course to get those numbers.

Some states require you to complete a state-approved course and even earn a certificate through that course in order to sit down to take the exam.

Some states do not require you to complete anything before you sit down for your exam. Either way, I recommend a state-approved course to prepare you to see what is on the exam, provide you with practice questions, and give you your unique state laws.

There are some state exams that have easy exam breakdowns and many people have reported in Texas that using my material has been enough to pass the exam, without an additional course.

No, all sales are final and we don't give refunds as many students use the course for as short as a day prior to their exam.

If you haven't started any of your purchased courses, we can defer your access at our discretion. This will be checked inside student progress and will be decided on a case to case basis.