The Royal Treatment GOLD HEALTH Series - 100 Days Access

An In-depth review of the most tested topics on the HEALTH Exam

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**Student Notes and Practice Questions are in the process of being added to the course, but the value is found in the Class Videos! You can access free notes and practice question games on the Free Resources Tab of the website**

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Melissa Dillon

Julie Schroeder


If you're studying for an insurance license and you're having trouble grasping what a class is teaching, look no further for help. Melissa breaks EVERYTHING thing down into laymans terms for easy understanding. She will also give you memorization phrases to help you. I took the P&C test twice. I needed at 70 to pass 1st test I scored a 69 2nd test I passed. Do yourself a favor and watch all the videos and even get some of her classes! This will TRULY HELP YOU

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