About Me and my Team

The Insurance Exam Queen:
Melissa Dillon

 Founder & Chief Executive Officer

In 2017 I sold everything that didn't fit in my car and lived in a friends living room instead of an apartment as I worked towards something different - it enough for the universe to expand what I envisioned and I landed (what I thought at the time) my dream job.

I became the most requested insurance instructor nationwide by insurers, like United Health Care, and secured the highest pass rates in the shortest time with my proven teaching methods, flying all around the country, staying at beautiful hotels and eating fancy food that the Insurance Exam Queen was born and my knowing what's possible expanded.  

I started my business and as the Insurance Exam Queen I have now have helped thousands of people pass their insurance exam using my teaching methods and offering the same level of support that huge insurers would pay thousands of dollars for!

The icing on my 'cake of life' is my incredible partner and the birth of our beautiful baby girl.

Randi Lockhart

 Chief Operating Officer

Randi, married with 3 children has worked alongside myself since 2018 and her super-powers are now running Operations.

From insurance instructor to managing instructors for 6 years Randi brings 15 years of experience to the table. Insurance Licensed in L&H, P&C and Securities Licensed 6 & 63.

Peter Lemieux


Peter, married with 5 grown children and 20 grandchildren, is used to breaking down information in a way that sticks for all.

Peter has over 40 years experience in the field and is licensed with most major insurance carriers. He trains very similar to myself and I am lucky to have him on board as an instructor.

Angela Bryant

 Instructor and 'Ultimate Study Buddy'

Angela became our Ultimate Study Buddy, then Instructor, after a P&C Game Night and has helped students to retain the information in everyday language since.                                                              
Angela has over 25 years of exam experience, including 7 in insurance. Her way of breaking down complex concepts is something I truly appreciate. 

Chaela Hall

 Tech Integrator

Our tech guru is based in London (UK) where she lives with her 3 cats, O'Sirus, Charlie Brown and Neon.  

She is an experienced web designer and online tech integrator with emphasis on user experience. Her job is to ensure the site is looking great and is clear and easy to use for our students.



Mary Harris

 Insurance Sales Trainer

My incredible friend Mary, the Insurance Sales Queen, is all about securing insurance jobs, selling and agency support.

Her two hour sales coaching course is included with all Platinum Packages or can be purchased in the Career Resources of this site.

Verbus Counts


Verbus loves all things data centres and system building and won't let retirement stop him just yet.  

He brings over 45 years of experience in IT, database admin, computer programming he worked for the military, Federal Aviation Administration, IRS and Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS)